Sunday, July 19, 2009

Webster County Fair Results from the Garden

A complete listing of all ribbons and placings will be available at Florticulture Champion -- Megan Woeste wit a Rose, Purples -- Tanner Ruprecht with a Petunia, Rachael VanBoening with an other annual/biennial and Corey Conway with a foliage potted plant, Other State Fair qualifying entries -- Eli VanBoening with a blue ribbon Petunia. Horticulture Champion -- Jared Bostock with Yellow Summer Squash, Purples -- Shelby Bostock and Jared Bostock with Snap Beans, Brussel Sprouts and Slicing Cucumbers, Shelby Bostock with Kohlrabi and Yellow Summer Squash, Jaren Bostock with Green Summer Squash, Other State Fair qualifying entries -- Lenae Kohmetscher and Amber Kohmetscher with blue ribbon Yellow Summer Squash. Best Dressed Vegetable Purples -- Scott Wademan and Nicole Wademan. Entemology Champion -- Trevor Herrick. Tree Identity Purples -- Tanner Ruprecht and Brett Ruprecht. Range Management Champion -- Jarett Yelken, Purple -- Erin Kinley. Wildlife Champion -- Jacob VanBoening, Purple -- Zachary Duffy.

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